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Books-Cupcakes February Book Photo Challenge Part 2/2

Okay, here's the last of these posts until the 15th of this month! Here's the last 14 pictures from February for Books and Cupcakes monthly Book Photo Challenge! Remember to follow me on Tumblr to see all the pics as I post them!

February Part 1
January Part 1, Part 2

Day 15: Books and Flowers
Okay, I only have the 1 book, as there weren't any flowers anywhere in southern AZ at this point in time. NOW there's flowers, lol!
Pictured: Allegiant by Veronica Roth (which I was in the middle of or had just finished)

Day 16: Sexy and Steamy
As I'm really religious I don't approve of sex in books...except between married couples, because that's hwen you're supposed to have it. Even then, I'm picky. But Wendy and Richard Pini handled it tastefully. This was the first time I read it and was complete fine with it. After all, Cutter and Leetah hadn't seen each other in months and months.
Pictured: ElfQuest Vol 2 The Forbidden Grove by Wendy and Richard Pini

Day 17: Standalone
Another genre of book that I rarely read, I only have 2 standalones on my shelves that I've read, even now. I adore both of these and I'm so happy that I own them both! Phenomenal reads!
Pictured: Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Engdahl, and The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett

Day 18: Classic Romance
This is literally the only "romance" book I've ever enjoyed. Plenty of books on my shelves have romance, but this is a typical, classic romance. I didn't go for a classic, but rather the book that comes to mind when you hear "romance". The Gladiator is from Steeple Hill, meaning there isn't any sex, of things in it that would upset almost any religion, because that's their goal. Carla Capshaw has quite a few books through them, but this is the best. It's AMAZING!!!! A must read if you don't mind the Christian themes. :)

Day 19: A Trilogy
Okay, I choose 2. Because these are the only trilogies I own in full. I haven't read Gemma Doyle, but have read Lord of the Rings twice.
Pictured: the Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray, The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

Day 20: Currently Reading
When I took this picture these were the book I kept cracking open. I'm now on book 6 of the Jedi Apprentice series, and I'm still reading Dreams of Gods & Monsters.
Pictured: The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton, Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor, and The Dark Rival by Jude Watson

Day 21: Pink Cover
Not very many books have pink covers, mostly it's more red with gold, and less pink. Took forever to find these.
Pictured: Beet the Vandel Buster Vol 2 by Riku Sanjo and Kouji Inada, Pretear Vol 3 by Junichi Sato and Kaori Naruse, W.i.t.c.h. The Power of Five by Elizabetta Gnone and Elizabeth Lenhard, and Joust by Mercedes Lackey

Day 22: Historical Fiction
I'm ashamed to say I haven't read any of these books. Yeah, historical fiction isn't really my thing, obviously...
Pictured: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon; A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, and The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray

Day 23: Reading Playlist
I don't really have a reading playlist, as it's more whatever I'm in the mood for (aka my monthly favs). However, I have editing playlists, as I'm LA Knight's (aka Ravyn's) beta editor, which means I edit all her rough drafts. Except now her writing is overwhelming (very few people on the planet can top Ray's writing amount, she literally does NaNowRiMo every single month, and can easily surpass that amount), so I'm just her final draft of her novels, and her only beta editor of her fanfics.
So for her two published novels in the Twilight Chessboard, as well as her fanfics I have playlists. This is the first half of the Twilight Chessboard playlist, which you can find on Spotify. My username is Lorien O'Brien.

Day 24: Heartbreaking
Oh man, this short story is heartbreaking in so many ways! First of all, this is the last story in The Black Jewels, one of my favorite series EVER. So that alone is heartbreaking. And then what it starts out with is heartbreaking *SPOILERS*

Jaenelle is dead. And Daemon is so heartbroken he can't function. Not for the first year, and not after for at least another decade. Then his dad Saetan dies. It's just so sad! I cried a lot reading this, and thinking about it makes my chest tight in pain. :'(
Pictured: Twilight's Dawn by Anne Bishop

Day 25: LOVE This Book
I went for a series, my fav manga series ever, Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa! If you saw my livetweeting of this, then you know why. :)

Day 26: Banned Book
I have a few others that fit this catergory, but I wasn't sure about them. However, I was in high school during the Twilight Craze (Breaking Dawn came out one or two years after) so I know about the banning of these books. My school didn't, as the library wasn't used very much except for books like these, but plenty of others did. The fanaticism was REAL, and it was crazy!!!

Day 27: Freebie
I decided to go with all the books I bought in February, minus one. Library sale and Good Will for the win! I think all together I spent $25 for all of this!
Not Pictured: Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex

Day 28: Read This Month
I only read 10 new books, and only 2 of them were actual books, the rest were graphic novels and manga. However I read 29 books in total, meaning 19 of them were rereads, a mix of manga, comics, and books. And I must say, I enjoyed it. I'm still 3 books ahead of schedule for my insane goal for the year, so I don't feel guilty at all, except perhaps that I'm out of books to review for Fridays...hopefully I'll be done with a book this week! :)
For more info, watch my monthly wrap up on YouTube!
Not Pictured: The Lightning Thief graphic novel by Rick Riordan, Robert Venditti, Jose Villarrubia, and Attila Futaki; Avatar The Last Airbender: The Search parts 1 and 2 by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiro; Red Hood & the Outlaws Vol 2: The Starfire by Scott Lobdell, Kenneth Rocafort, and Timothy Green II; and ElfQuest: The Hidden Years and Wolfrider by Wendy and Richard Pini

That's it for February! Once tonight's video is up, I'll link it in text! Now I need to start editing and reading for #AYearAThon!


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  1. Ah, book photo challenge. I WILL do this at some point (hopefully in April when I get Karl to help me).

    I do like the dialogue in that ElfQuest scene. It's very romantic and not stupid or gross. :)

    I have several stand-alones. I could've pulled this off (growls silently at husband for not helping with camera).

    I love The Gladiator!! :D
    Gotta get The Captive!

    Both of those are good trilogies. :)

    You done with Dreams of Gods and Monsters yet?
    I recognize that shady character with the red lightsaber! That's Xanatos! O.O *gasp* Dun-dun-DUNN!

    Avatre is a lovely pink color, isn't she? :) Nice to see a dude riding a bad@$$ pink dragon.

    Well technically Secret Garden and The Gladiator are historical fiction...And Dear America/Royal Diaries. I thought you had those?

    That is a lot of music... O.O

    I can't help writing a lot. I'm neurotic. :(

    OMG the High Lord's Daughter... :( I'm so sad now...

    Oooh! I'm gonna tell Megan you featured her bag in your picture, she'll like that.

    Banning books. Psht. No way would our school ban Twilight when it had Stephen King in it, for pity's sake.

    Look, a pretty dolly! :D