Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Month in Pics ~February 2015~

So it's been a week or so, but here's my February!

Starting things off with a cute kitty! Mighty was randomly in the computer room off and on all month. When he was slightly awake he hated my music and would bail, but one day he just chilled for like, 2 hours. Looking adorable like this. :)

It was Gem Show month! I was excited and scared because I was in charge of getting us registered, and went with first my mom and then my besties! (Just realized I'm missing my green kitty watch...WHOOPS!) I had a ton of fun and love the owl necklaces (and yes, the necklace on the left is also a watch)

My Tumblr has exploded. I gain at least 5 followers a week. It's crazy and blows me away to see it climb every day or two. And one day I opened up my activity and found 175 notes in the span of about 4-6 hours. That's insane! I'm very grateful for every follower, cuz I didn't know anyone on Tumblr except 1 person when I started my blog, and knew no one in the Booklr community, so all of them/you are amazing!!!

I sometimes pause my videos while editing and get faces like this. Yeah, don't know what I was doing...

I had to share that tag. Too funny and really accurate.

Another funny post from Tumblr that I had to share. Cuz that's how I feel. Not how everyone feels, but that would be me. :)

So those were all the pics from February! Hope you enjoyed!

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