Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Month in Pics ~January 2015~

Okay, so this is a post I've been TERRIBLE in. I used to be so good...what happened???

Regardless, here's the pictures I've been saving from January, because I'm a lazy bum who doesn't post this...dang it!

IT SNOWED! At the very beginning of the year, it SNOWED! That's amazing here, especially since we had NO summer last year. That may sound heavenly to you guys that had snowgeddon, but here we went from 118-80. That was it. If we were lucky we got down to 73. That's as far as it got. It was never cool. NEVER. Have a cute sweater? Nope, never gonna wear it. Nice jacket? FORGET IT! I was always hot for over a solid year. So when it snowed I ran around and around taking pictures and enjoying it, and when it went away I cried.
No, it hasn't snowed since. And we're once again close to 20 degrees above average...

January and February were dark months for me, so this being reblogged from me really touched me. Like, I cried.

You know me, just filming my videos...with my crazy faces...

This made my month, with Books and Cookies, a Booklr turned brand new BookTuber, subscribed to me. She's so kind and sweet and epic and she SUBSCRIBED TO ME!!! She was my 100th subscriber, too!!!

He's face was SO FUNNY!!! I don't think I'll ever forget him turning to me, like, waaaat?!?!

Shortly after I hit 100 on YouTube, I hit 100 on Tumblr too! To celebrate I made this video, as well as a giveaway that closed at the beginning of Feb.

The same day, another Booklr royalty followed me, and still follows me! I have several now that mean a lot to me, but I felt really small, so that blew my mind, followed by some more!

I got all dolled up for Dillenger Days downtown, though I couldn't get in. I felt really sexy and cute, even if I was a little cold. And hey, at least I got to run around downtown! :)

That's all that happened in January worth note! I missed quite a few things, and now that I don't have a camera beyond my cell these will get smaller and smaller. But I'm going to combine February and March, so look out for those!

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