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FMA LiveTweet

So, on Tumblr there's this thing, called liveblogging. While you read a book, you blog about your thoughts on certain things, showing via pictures, or typing out quotes that stick out to you. This can be you praising a book, or hating on it. I've enjoyed the few I've seen so far, and decided to try it while reading Fullmetal Alchemist Volumes 1-10 by Hiromu Arakawa.

And then Tumblr stating I'd exceeded my post limit for the day. And there was something like, 3-4 hours left before I could blog anything again. Which was extremely annoying. Since I'd never heard of anything of the sort on Twitter, I took it over there, redoing my first post. However, since it's Twitter, there was the problem of the 140 character limit. I had to keep things short and sweet, and at first had trouble fitting my thoughts with the images. But I managed it pretty well, and livetweeted all ten volumes. I've gathered all the tweets up, saved all the pictures, and now I'm going to show them all to you.

Now there were typos and grammar mistakes I couldn't fix due to the limit, but I've gone through and hopefully fixed them all. Let me know if you find any!

There are a few spoilers here, so if you don't want some info (though I tried not to spoil you guys) then don't read!

Remember, this was also during #AYearAThon last month, which was about diversity, so I talk about that. :)

Btw the way, to read the manga pages posted, you'll need to enlarge them, either by clicking on them, or by right clicking and opening in a new tab. And remember, this was written first in Japanese, which is read right to left, not left to right. So start on the right. Check out the photo below to get more information.

Without further ado, here we go!

Didn't make it to the library today to get Battle Magic so rereading FMA for @AYearAThon. It's amazing w/Ed being disabled and still badass!

I love FMA. So glad I'm rereading this.

 I love Ed. Hated for being a state alchemist, all he does after receiving hate is helping the people that hurt him. #ayearathon

 "Okay I'm gonna do something slightly illegal here so you just look the other way for a second." Ed to Al before seriously breaking the law.

 And enters Mustang, who's at least part Xingise, or Asian. :D #LorienRereadsFMA #ayearathon

*There's an emergency* Hold up, things aren't so bad! The Fullmetal Alchemist is on board! Next page...

fave fictional character: *smiles*
Fangirl: oh my god. ohhhh my god. do that again. do that agai.n
What I'm seeing:

 Oh man, we're meeting Nina. PREPARE TO CRY! TT~TT

"People may call us dogs or devils, but [...] we're not devils or gods. We're humans. And we can't even save one little girl." #ayearathon

 Now enter Scar, one of most interesting characters, also not Caucasian.  #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

I kinda wanna read Armstrong's ridiculous lines out loud, they're so funny #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

 "If Ed can’t use alchemy then he’s just a brat that swears a lot; arrogant little pipsqueak; useless just useless!" "YOU'RE ALL PICKING ON ME!"

 This is what I love. Dude's freaked & pulls a gun on them. Armstrong tells him to calm down three times. He won't SO HE THROWS AL ON HIM!

 "I have to achieve my goal, even if it means sleeping on this bed of nails." Ed #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

 This is how Ed greets basically his grandma:
#LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

 That moment when you find a bookmark in a book you forgot was there... #whoops

Winry forgetting a screw that keeps Ed's arm working makes me feel better when I mess up. #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

Sheska's the character I relate to the most. Almost died buried under books, a bookworm only good at reading...yeah me. #LorRereadsFMA

Sheska gets a job, and her boss drags her away. Ed's only comment: "he looks like a kidnapper." LOL! #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

"Until I see [Scar's] corpse I can't relax enough to go on a date!" Mustang's such a great leader -_-' #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

You know, FMA could be considered a dystopian. Especially w/what's happening at Lab #5 *shudders* Ugh >< #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

"Okay, okay! As if we'd do something that dangerous." "We'll wait here for your report, major!" *next page* "Yeah, right!" #LorRereadsFMA

"I kill, therefore I am!" Ah, Barry the Chopper. What a wackadoodle. #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

I always flinch when they kill #48, the older brother >< #LorRereadsFMA #spoilers #Fullmetalalchemist #ayearathon

Annnd there goes the younger brother. Flinched again. #LorRereadsFMA #spoilers #Fullmetalalchemist #ayearathon

"Shouldn't that security chump have kept out you riffraff? Oh yeah I chopped him up didn't I?" Yes, you did, brainiac. #LorRereadsFMA

Love how the gossip in FMA is a male soldier to his male best friend. #LorRereadsFMA Thanks for putting up w/my livetweets for #ayearathon!

I know I said I'd stop tweeting but I kept reading. Ed's biggest fear has me in tears. Thinking of a 10 yr-old crying himself to sleep every night and I'm crying. Poor Ed. #LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

And cuz I've read this all I know there's a reason he's there...#LorRereadsFMA #ayearathon

Yeah I totally got flapping my arms like a duck from Winry here... #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

And onto the saddest part of the series :'( #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

Yup. Crying. &gt;&lt; Worst thing ever! LorRereadsFMA #HearThatItsMyHeartBreaking #AYEARATHON

Ed really isn't patient. :D #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

He's also not sexist with who he attempts to beat (he doesn't lay a finger on her, lol) #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

And this is why Ed doesn't touch her. She's got a grenade launcher! #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

Paninya's story is eye-opening. Her losing the will to live cuz she thought she'd never walk again, and prosthetics giving her that back. Makes me want to cry and shows me I'm blessed because I can walk on my own legs. It's humbling. #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

This is how Ed's teacher greets him...ouch. #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

lol, he's not the scary one, kids!!! XD #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

Izumi's definition of training is very different from others! Yeesh! #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

"During my training they left me on Mount Briggs for a month!" - Izumi "Don't compare yourself with normal people." - her husband #LorRereadsFMA

The beginning. #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

"But Edward is 31..." "No, he's 11." "What's the meaning of this, Hawkeye!?" "It seems the document went through a time vortex or someone made a grave error, sir." LOL how Mustang and Ed meet. :) #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

All it took was one meeting w/Mustang, and Ed's eyes burned w/fire. #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

"Are you sure you want [to be a dog of the military]?" "Bow wow. Want me to wag my tail?" "Alright, then." #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

No wonder Ed doesn't like Roy Mustang! He calls him "squirt"! lol! #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

"From now on you'll be known as..." #LorRereadsFMA #AYEARATHON

"I've heard a strong shock can make old memories resurface."-Doctor "I guess I could try BASHING HIS HEAD IN"-Izumi #LorRereadsFMA

Day 2 started off with me ranting a bit about the problems in the official translation, especially when put up against the fan translations online for free.

Ugh, the inconsistencies in this translation are killing me. The FANS did better than Viz, and that's saying something!!! #LorRereadsFMA

I mean how on earth do you pronounce Cselkcess???? IT'S XERXIS! ZER-CEES! EASY PRONUNCIATION!!! #LorRereadsFMA #frustrated

And in both anime's and vol 4 Hughs becomes a Brigadier General, where the hell did commodore come from??? #LorRereadsFMA

Oh, and the WORST ONE, omnibus 3 (vol 9) page 445: ED says, "Geez, Ed/ You scared the crap out of me!" ED CALLS AL "ED"! #LorRereadsFMA

I don't know what happened at Viz, but this is bs, right here! GAH! >< #LorRereadsFMA #TheFansDidItBetter

Gah, mistyped, it's Xerxis is pronounced (from what I can tell) Zerk-sees. At least I can guess the pronunciation there. #LorRereadsFMA

But, cool things I've read! Barry. Barry is amazing. I forgot how funny he was! "I like strong women. I THINK I'M IN LOVE!" #LorRereadsFMA

The heartbreaking storyline of Greed. Talk about tragic! :'( #LorRereadsFMA

And of course, the reveal of the bad guy...WOW! #LorRereadsFMA

Oh, and Roy's call with "Elizabeth and Jaqceline" is brilliant! I totally didn't call that 1st time! #LorRereadsFMA

While I'm not pleased with the botchy translations, I adore FMA and that won't change! :) #LorRereadsFMA #timetogetbacktoreadingagain

Onto Vol 10...where stuff really goes down! OH YEAH! #LorRereadsFMA

Gotta love that when Mustang's mind is blown he almost drives into a wall, and almost crushes Barry, lol. And then he's back to his smooth self! :D #LorRereadsFMA

Oh, another mistake, Jean Havoc randomly was Jan Havoc. It's Jean, cuz it's UNISEX! >< At least he's Jean again. #LorRereadsFMA

Oh man. Someone's stabbed, and since I know what that does to him, I'm a mess. Seriously jumped and gasped. :( #LorRereadsFMA #depressing

Oh this line kills me. Mustang: Everyone's dying before me, damn it! :'( #LorRereadsFMA

Now Hawkeye loses it, and Royai is born (Roy and Liza) my OTP <3 #LorRereadsFMA But it's still a part of this heart-wrenching scene.

One homunculus down, 7 to go. :) #LorRereadsFMA THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!

Meanwhile... #LorRereadsFMA That's basically what happened! :)

When the bad guy that's got bitch resting face smiles, you know it ain't good. #LorRereadsFMA. Totally just happened.

"This is my duty. I'm fine." Yeah, your duty. You'd totally marry Roy if it wasn't against the stinking law! #LorRereadsFMA #RoyaiForever

OMG VIZ! Dublith, in 5 volumes of manga it's Dublith, now it's Dubliss! I'M A BETTER EDITOR THAN YOU HACKS! #LorRereadsFMA

This hilarity, as well as the big reveal, is why I love the desert chaps. #LorRereadsFMA (BTW read right to left)


"I had to bring Edward here casually." - a proud Armstrong "There's nothing casual about kidnapping." - Ed #LorRereadsFMA

"As long as there's breath in my body I swear I'll never let another person become a victim in this deadly game." - Ed #LorRereadsFMA

AND that's it! I've read up to volume 10 and livetweeted the whole time! I have one more thing I'll try to read before midnight and #AYEARATHON ends but I won't livetweet about that! Sorry & thank you! This was fun! I'll pick up 11-20 soon and #LorRereadsFMA will return

Those were all of my tweets! I loved rereading FMA, even with the translation problems. It was a blast, and really reminded me of first, the privileges I have just by my skin color, and having the ability to walk. It really is an amazing manga. Edward is such an awesome character. He's disabled, a master fighter, a scientific genius, badass. And he's just one of the many amazing characters. I adore this manga, and rereading it has only deepened my love. :)

If you want me to go into a little bit more about things, or see what else I read during the read-a-thon, check out my wrap up.

Hope you enjoyed this! <3

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  1. Omg this blog is long. Eeek... livetweeted all 10 volumes of FMA?! O.O

    The how-to-read-manga thing reminds me of the first time I tried to read manga and I got so confused...

    "Okay I'm gonna do something slightly illegal here so you just look the other way for a second."
    Omg that reminds me of Tony Stark...or maybe Thea...

    I HATE NINA'S ARC!! Story. Thing.

    Barry the Chopper is funny. And scary. But you give him a great voice (you read me some of his lines a long time ago).

    What's Ed's biggest fear?

    I hate when it rains. T_T

    GASP! Edward said "bitch."

    "I mean how on earth do you pronounce Cselkcess???? IT'S XERXIS! ZER-CEES! EASY PRONUNCIATION!!! #LorRereadsFMA #frustrated"

    "Oh, and Roy's call with "Elizabeth and Jaqceline" is brilliant! I totally didn't call that 1st time! #LorRereadsFMA"
    Who're Elizabeth and Jaqceline?

    ""This is my duty. I'm fine." Yeah, your duty. You'd totally marry Roy if it wasn't against the stinking law! #LorRereadsFMA #RoyaiForever"
    I hate star-crossed lovers! Says the girl who likes Romeo and Juliet and Hunger Games...
    Shut up. Don't judge me.